Professional Services

Cody Staffing has a database of talented and skilled professionals in a wide spectrum of industries and fields. Our industry focused recruiters understand the special talents requested by clients within these industries.

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On-Site Management

Some clients need more than traditional recruiting and staffing solutions. We offer total on-site management as well as recruitment. Learn More →


Payroll Services

Cody Staffing provides a full line of payroll services for all types of small businesses while providing convenience and simplicity. Our payroll service solutions are an extension of your business and are tailored to your needs. Learn More →


Clerical Services

Cody Staffing is specialized in staffing administrative/clerical positions. We have a huge database of qualified professional administrative/clerical workers. We can fill your clerical opening within 24 hours of receiving the job order.

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Industrial Services

Cody Staffing has an extensive database of laborers and warehouse workers.  We are specialized in staffing all levels of warehouse positions in a wide range of industries and businesses. Contact us today to see how we can help your warehouse large or small.

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